(you guessed it, part of an HCOM project for my summer class)


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In preparation for Eva’s 10th birthday and our upcoming trip to the new American Girl store to acquire her 4th doll, we decided to get her some doll beds.

Eva plays with her American Girls a lot and they were currently being put to bed in Pepsi One boxes she had re-purposed.

American Girl doll beds run from $55 to $225, so buying four of them would put a sizable dent in the old college savings. We decided to go the etsy route instead. I found a wonderful seller  who made me a great deal…4 bed kits for $55.

Then, I had Eva choose colors from paint chips.

Then, we went to Lowes and got sample size paints…$10

(This could have cost less if I didn’t let her choose 4 colors, you could probably do two beds with one sample).

We then painted all the pieces with foam brushes.

(Yeah, that dark purple took a couple coats. The lighter pink and lavender were easier.)

Then we put the beds together.

Our seller included glue with the shipment, but we used Elmer’s Wood glue for easier application…$2

I had picked up some fleece at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale…$20.

Eva helped me tie blankets and pillows for each of her girls.

I also used some scrapbook ribbon (and my pitiable hand-sewing skills) to cover the raggedy edges of the bedskirts we made with the extra fleece.

And voila…an American Girl Dormitory!

We made 4 beds for about $90! I’m so pleased, I had to try to make a tutorial to share the good news on Pinterest. 🙂

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